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How does online coaching work?

The Coach you sign up with, will guide you with the help of diet and workout plans. The Coach will stay in contact via e-mails and calls through the tenure of your program.

How to contact SQUATS?

To contact SQUATS drop an email at support@squats.in/ use the chat option on the website / call the customer care number.

Are these programs safe?

They are absolutely safe.

How safe is to share my pictures and health related information on SQUATS?

The information and pictures shared, are ONLY with your coach. The coaches would not share the pictures until they have permission from you.

How much is cost of each program?

Visit the coach’s profile to view the package prices and details.

How much weight I will lose / how much muscle mass will I gain?

It depends. As everybody is different, so is the progress. A variety of factors like your life-style, food habits, exercise etc. play role in it.

Are results guaranteed?

We have over 20000+ transformations as a testimony that results are imminent if you stick to the program.

Can we put the program on hold?

No, packages can't be put on hold.

Do I get refund on my money?

Yes, we provide 30-day refund on all the packages, except a few. You may read about the eligibility of refund in the package description. For eligible packages, you may raise a helpdesk ticket to SQUATS support within 30 days of date of enrolment. Please read the terms and conditions and package details in individual coach profiles for more details.

Are supplements mandatory?

Supplements are not mandatory. You may very well obtain the required amount of nutrition/minerals/vitamins/protein through a well balanced diet program.

Do these programs include use of performance enhancing drugs/ Steroids?

We strictly oppose the use of any drugs or steroids! We believe drugs/steroids are entirely against the idea of "Wellness". You are requested to report any such suggestion by any coach to the helpdesk immediately.

Are all coaches certified?

All our coaches are internationally certified and have undergone internal training and assessment too.

Will I be given customized diet and workout schedule or general diet and workout schedule?

You will be given detailed diet and workout schedule designed by your coach based on your goals.

Is it mandatory to have gym membership or I can lose weight without exercise?

A gym membership (or access to extensive gym equipment) is highly recommended to achieve optimum results. But in cases where a person can’t have access to a gym, our coaches do help you with home workout plans too.

Whom to choose, in case I have some very critical medical issues?

We have doctors on our platform. Please drop an email at support@squats.in to get more details.

How long does it take for the refund process to be complete?

Refunds will be completed within 2 weeks of initiation.

Does SQUATS provide floor training services?

No. SQUATS does not provide floor training.

Does geographical barrier matter?

No, it’s an online coaching program.

Where is the head office located?

Head office is located in Pune.

When do the slots for Coaches open?

Slots for consultation open every first and 15th at 12 AM(IST) of the month.

Are there one to one meeting sessions with coaches?

It is an online coaching program and consultants are accessible only over e-mails / calls.

Why there is price difference in same duration package among some Coaches?

Price might differ depending upon the experience, feedback and transformations of that particular coach.

How to choose Coach?

After registering, go to your account and click on "enrol for the services" option. This will take you to the Coach page where you can select a Coach. You can view their details and choose the package. After the payment is done, the selected Coach will be visible in your profile.

How do Coaches connect?

They will be accessible via e-mails and phone calls.

How often do I get to talk to the Coach?

Consultation hours are between 10 am to 7 PM, Saturday timings are 11 AM to 5 PM, Sunday is a holiday (Timings are based on Coach’s time zone). Calls need to be scheduled with the Coach and all packages offer weekly once tracking. The queries can be asked over emails and will be answered within the Consultation window of the Coach.

How will a Coach help me achieve my goal?

The Coach will guide you throughout your program with diet and workout plans. The charts are made considering your dietary preference, goals, medical conditions etc.

What if I am not happy with Coach of my choice?

SQUATS provides with a 30-day Coach change / refund policy. You need to raise a ticket from your profile and the customer care will get in touch with you. It is strictly a 30 day policy (from the date of enrolment).

How do I change my Coach?

Raise a helpdesk ticket within 30 days of enrolment to SQUATS support from your profile.

How often can I change my Coach?

Only once in the first 30 days of the program.

Will changing Coach cost me extra?

Coach change can only be done in the same grade (i.e A Basic to Basic and likewise) and it doesn’t cost anything extra

How to create an account on SQUATS?

Sign up using the option on the top right of the website. On signing up, you shall receive a confirmation link over your registered email id. Click on the link to activate your profile. Once activated, click on “Sign in” and log in.

In my profile, why are some tabs locked?

These tabs are related to your training schedule and related activities. These will be enabled once you enroll with a coach.

When I log in, it shows academy tab, what is it about?

The academy tab will take you to the INFS (Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences) page, where you will get all the information regarding INFS.

What to do if I forget my password?

There is a link provided as "forgot password"; click there and you can reset your password.

What to do when not able to enroll for coach of my choice?

The coach you are looking at might not have slots available at that time. You could wait for the same or enroll with another coach.

Which package to select?

You are provided with a list of packages and their description, have a look at all of those and select the one which best suits you.

Can two friends enroll for couple package?

No, two friends cannot enroll for couple package. It is exclusively for couples.

Can I extend my package from 12 weeks to 24 weeks?

You cannot extend your package from 12 weeks to 24 weeks. You can either take refund of your 12 weeks package and re enrol for 24 weeks package or you can renew again at the end of 12 weeks package.

How to renew my package?

The renew option is provided in your profile for the same.

Do I need to wait for slots to open for renewing my package?

You can renew your package anytime. Slot availability is for new enrollments.

Do I get the coach change / refund option after renewing my package?

Yes, the policy will exist for the initial 30 days of the renewed package as well.

Can I get some discount on the package I select?

No, we do not offer any discounts.

When do I expect any communication after signing up?

Your coach will contact you on the same day if you have enrolled within the working hours. If not, the coach will get in touch within 1 working day.

Where can I find my diet chart and workout routine?

Log in to your account and open Nutrition chart tab for diet chart and Training chart tab for workout routine.

How much time does it take for a coach to upload the diet and workout chart?

The coach will get in touch with you within 1 working day to collect information required to make your diet and exercise plan. The plans will be uploaded within 24 hrs after receiving the information from the client.

How does the coach keep one’s progress update and where does one update the progress pictures?

Coach would ask for progress updates. You can add progress pictures in ‘progress’ tab in your profile and you can also send pictures via email.

Where do I leave a feedback?

There is an option for feedback on your Coach’s profile; you can leave your feedback there.