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Welcome to INFS

Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS) is setting the standard for Health and Fitness courses across the country. The course content has its basis in scientific nutrition and training principles and mentored by Internationally renowned Fitness Experts. The course levels cater to a health enthusiast looking to enhance their knowledge to someone looking to build a career in fitness. Some of the best names in the fitness industry are contributing to making this course the most comprehensive and powerful for its audience. This is a self-paced course where lessons will be available to download and read online. Course Instructors will be accessible throughout the course to answer all your queries and doubts.


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How do I enroll for INFS courses?

Kindly visit to enroll and start with the Foundation course at INFS. You can further progress to Expert and the soon to be launched Advanced courses.

When will the course start after enrolment?

Your course start date is the same as what you have enrolled for initially. You will receive a payment confirmation when you have enrolled into a course. Your login details along with password will be communicated to you a day before the start date of your course.

What if I am not available on the start date of the course?

The course is not a live course. The materials will be there for you on your dashboard. You can miss a day or two and come back. Since you need to catch up on the curriculum on a weekly basis, it is advised to finish each week's syllabus on time to be able to complete the quizzes and assignments on time.

Once enrolled, how do I contact the faculty?

You can log in into your INFS account and contact your faculty through the discussion boards. You can ask your course related queries on respective forums for each week and each chapter. Contacting your faculty outside the learning platform of INFS is not advised.

Can I contact the faculty on phone?

You can officially communicate with the faculty through forums. You can clarify all your doubts there.

If I'm traveling, will I miss out the course for the specific week?

As you won't be having any mid-week or mid-course exams, it won't affect your course but we would suggest you to make sure that you don't lag behind the planned schedule of the course.

The course packages include practice quizzes. Is it mandatory to complete them?

The quizzes are just for practice, no grading shall be done on the basis of the quiz. It is just for practice and its not mandatory to attempt and complete all of them.

Will my quiz scores count in the final examination?

No, your quiz score will not be considered for final grading.

How do I keep the track of the quizzes I've submitted?

They are always accessible on your weekly dashboard and you can retake them as required.

Do I have to submit all the quizzes before the final examination?

The quizzes you give are for self assessment and they will not make any impact on your final grades. However, it is advised to take these quizzes as they are designed to make yourself better.

How and where is the final examination conducted?

Final exam will be conducted online. It will be closed book examination which you can take anywhere as long as you have access to a computer and a webcam.

What if I am not available on the day the final exam has been scheduled?

If a student is unable to attend the exam under genuine and serious circumstances, special arrangements can be made only if he informs us via email prior to the examination date. Only the students with the genuine case will be given an exception. Other than those, your absence will be marked and to appear again, you will have to pay the re-examination fees.

What are the passing marks and or requirements?

The student will have to score 60% or more in Foundation and 75% or more in Expert to pass the Final Examinations. Only after clearing the final examination will they receive their Pass Certificates.

What if I do not pass through the final exam? Are there any reattempts?

If you do not pass for the final exam you have an option to pay the exam fee and re-appear for the exam with the next batch.

How difficult is the course? Is it as understandable as the SQUATS Get Shredded document?

It is not difficult but it is interesting. If you really have the interest for what you are learning, you will find it easy.

Can I choose the final examination date and time according to my convenience?

The final examination dates will decided and announced by the Academy. No changes in the schedule will be made until and unless there is any kind of emergency. Early intimation will be required for that. It will be done on a case to case basis and Academy holds the right to decide if the reason given is genuine or not.

Do you offer course exchange/transfer?

We do not provide the course exchange/transfer facility.

In how many days can we refund?

We do not allow refunds once you have registered for the courses. You can however, request to move the joining date forward by upto a year of paying the fees.

How will I receive my online examination results?

Your results will be emailed to you and if you have passed you will receive a digital copy of your certificate in your mailbox.

In how much time will the results be out after the final examination?

Your results will be mailed to you within 7 business days.

How will I receive the study material?

The study material will be uploaded on the website week wise. You will have to download the PDF files of the different chapters.

What is the value of INFS Certification?

The INFS Consultant Certification process recognises the competence of individuals who have met certain qualifications as determined by INFS. A certification validates an individual's credibility to himself and potential employers. Practising as a Personal Trainer or Fitness Consultant does not require a license in India. The certification that you want to spend your time and energy pursuing should therefore provide you the maximum benefit in terms of knowledge and self sufficiency. An INFS certified Consultant is both extremely knowledgable and also taught to be self sufficient to manage clients and become a successful professional.

Will I be on-boarded as a consultant after I successfully complete the course?

After completing the Expert course, you will receive an email from SQUATS to set up your interview. If your attitude and perseverance are a match with SQUATS and you pass the interview, you will receive an offer to join the SQUATS platform as a Consultant.

Do you provide scholarship for the available courses?

Yes we do, for details on rules, eligibility criteria, supporting documents list and how to apply please refer to - For further details kindly drop an email to, copying the mail to and

What are the career options for a SQUATS Consultant?

An INFS Consultant (Expert level) has numerous options available to them. They can opt to join SQUATS platform where growth is phenomenal and according to the founder of SQUATS, Jitender Chouksey, "we need 1,000 more consultants over the next 2 years to meet the growing demand". Or the Certified Consultant can opt to remain independent and maintain their own list of clients. The learnings from the course will allow you to not only give your clients jaw dropping good results but also teach you how to keep growing your clients list and manage relationships effectively. The other options include working part time with gyms and other fitness centres as a Nutrition Advisor & Consultant for their clients.