Welcome to INFS. We are setting the standard for Health and Fitness courses in the country. All material has its basis in latest scientific nutrition and training principles. Some of the best names in the fitness industry are contributing to making this course the most comprehensive and powerful for its audience. 

The courses on offer are divided into levels so that everyone from a health enthusiast to someone looking for a career in fitness can benefit from them. 

This is a self-paced course where lessons will be available to download and read online. Course Instructors will be accessible throughout the course to answer all your queries and doubts.

For more details about the courses on offer, send an email to academy@squats.in

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    Available courses

    This course is packed with content where you will learn about essential nutrition and training principles. It is designed to be suitable for health enthusiasts who want to understand the basics and apply the learning in their day-to-day life and also as the first step to be a Certified Consultant with SQUATS. 
    Those interested in having a career in health and fitness will benefit from the in-depth topic detailing and discussion. You will learn all you need to know about how to design your own diet and training plan

    DURATION: 9 weeks

    Expert level course is an intensive course where you will learn all the skills and knowledge required to handle clients. You will learn how to customise nutrition and training programs as per an individual’s condition and physiology. You will also have the invaluable experience of handling live clients over a 30 days period and see the real impact of your training.

    Towards the end of this course, those who indicate their preference to work with SQUATS and be listed on our platform, will undergo an additional test to determine their aptitude and suitability for SQUATS.

    DURATION: 12 weeks

    This course is designed to introduce advanced training and nutrition techniques which will help maximise individual performance. The latest research and scientific principles are explained and discussed to ensure optimal outputs in the least possible time. 

    This course will be beneficial for those who have been in the fitness industry for years and want to further their education.

    DURATION: 12 weeks (+4 weeks Elective)

    This is an Elective Course and is optional for those who enrol for the ‘SQUATS ADVANCED NUTRITION AND TRAINING’ course. An advanced set of topics will covered for an additional 4 weeks and a special certificate regarding the same will be rewarded to those successfully complete this elective.

    This elective will be taught and mentored by MENNO HENSELMANS. 

    Duration: 4 weeks